Teacher Websites

Stay connected to your classroom with information regarding classes, schedules, homework, and projects.

The following teacher websites have been designed by grade. Dual language teachers will be collaborating on these sites. The sites will be used to communicate classroom expectations, schedules, homework, and class activities. 

The teacher websites will be updated on a weekly basis. 

Elementary School Websites

PK3 - Ms. Sam - coming soon

PK3 - Ms. Carmen - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/pk3

PK4 - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/pk4

Kindergarten - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/kindergarten

1st - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/1st-grade

2nd - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/2nd-grade

3rd - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/3rd-grade

4th - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/4th-grade

5th - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/5th-grade

Middle School Websites

6th - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/feliz

7th - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/newberry

8th - sites.google.com/abbschool.com/adewuyi

Middle School Spanish - https://sites.google.com/abbschool.com/jimenez