Community Partners

Archbishop Borders School depends on many organizations and people who contribute their time, energy, and services to our students and staff. Through these partnerships, we are able to expand our academic offerings, and create interesting, fun and invigorating opportunities for our students. If you are interested in partnering with us, please call our Principal, Ms. Alicia Freeman at 410-276-6534, or email her here.

Thank you for your support!

Here are some of our community partners:





We would like to thank the following organizations for their most recent support and partnership:

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
  • St. Patrick Catholic Church  
  • Chick-Fil-A in Canton Crossing
  • One Straw Farm
  • El Taquito Mexicano
  • La Kaliente Radio
  • Vargas Bakery

We would also like to thank the following donors who have contributed either with monetary or in kind donations through the Annual Appeal in June 2017 or otherwise:

  • Mrs. Stephanie Flores-Koulish
  • Mr. Jim Gordon
  • Mrs. Jo-Ann Landers
  • Mrs. Kristina Collins
  • Mrs. Rose Carr
  • Mr. and Mrs. Powis
  • Mrs. Michelle Monaghan
  • Mr. Leon Tetkoski
  • Mrs. Mary Joseph Borders
  • Mr. and Mrs. Contino
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bohlen
  • Mr. Frank Tetkoski
  • Mrs. Gloria Impagliatelli
  • Mr. Michael Finley
  • Mrs. Rhonda Tully
  • Mr. Michael Rangel
  • Mrs. Ada Reyes
  • Mrs. Carmen Beltran
  • Ms. Joan Noble
  • Mrs. Ololade Adewuyi
  • Mrs. Evelyn Amaral
  • Bishop Walter Scott Thomas
  • Mr. Paul McIntosh
  • Mr. John Barkovich
  • Mr. Tim Regan
  • Mr. Scott Fridley
  • Mrs. Alicia Amaral Freeman
  • Ms. Cait Dougherty
  • Ms. Blanca Tapahuasco
  • Mr. Javier Lopez
  • Ms. Vanessa Holub