Letter from School Leadership

"Dear young people, do not bury your talents, the gifts that God has given you! Do not be afraid to dream of great things!" - Pope Francis 

Welcome to Archbishop Borders School! We are proud to be a unique school within the Archdiocese of Baltimore (AOB). Chosen as the AOB's only dual-language program, Archbishop Borders School has been tasked with the important work of creating an inclusive educational environment that nourishes the minds and souls of a diverse group of children. We are a school where children from different ethnic, racial, linguistic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds come together to learn side-by-side in two languages, English and Spanish. 

Compared to other nations, the United States lags behind other countries in foreign language preparation of its students. This deficiency costs our future leaders not only the opportunity to speak a foreign language, but to experience foreign cultures, and to gain a broader perspective of the world. Dual language education enables our children to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural. Archbishop Borders School students work hard everyday to acquire the skills, mindsets, experiences, and perspectives that our society and world needs. 

Our school sits on the site of the old Sacred Heart of Jesus, a school started in 1874  for German immigrant children. This rich tradition of serving families from various backgrounds continues to this day, as we strive to give our children every opportunity possible. In Pre-K3, Pre-K4, and Kindergarten, children learn through play-based centers, and they are encouraged to build their emotional vocabulary in order to increase self-regulation. In grades 1 to 5, children strengthen their reading, writing, and comprehension skills with interactive, hands-on lessons, and differentiated group work. Our middle school students hone their writing voice, expand their critical thinking skills, and develop leadership qualities.
At Archbishop Borders School, we strive to create space for our young people to develop their gifts, honor their talents, and dream, without fear, beyond their wildest imaginations. It is our hope that you may join us in this precious and important work.

Alicia Amaral Freeman