Parent Information regarding Remote Learning

Dear Parents:

As you know, COVID-19 has caused drastic changes to the way in which educational content must be delivered, as social distancing prevents in-person classes. By necessity, we must rely more heavily on web- based education tools to facilitate remote learning.

We thought it important to emphasize again that the School’s parent/student handbook, including its disciplinary policies, behavior and conduct standards, and harassment and bullying policies, apply with equal force during this remote learning period. In particular, students and parents should familiarize themselves with the School’s Acceptable Use Policy for the Internet and Technology Tools, which I have attached to this email for your convenience.

The Acceptable Use Policy explains parents’ responsibility to review the Policy with their students, and to support the School in its enforcement: by monitoring their students’ internet use, by modeling appropriate Internet behavior for their students’ technology use, and by reporting any concerns regarding their students’ technology use to the School. Now more than ever, please make sure to be aware of your students’ activities on the Internet.

As this period of remote learning brings the classroom into the home to a greater degree, it is vital that you impress upon other household members the importance of maintaining appropriate language and dress during video learning sessions. While the school uniform is not required, students should be fully dressed and wearing clothing that does not contain inappropriate words or content.

Considering the necessary reliance on web-based learning tools to deliver remote learning, we thought this a good time to remind parents that the School uses Google Apps for Education and other web-based education tools, sites, and services to provide students with remote learning and enhanced opportunities to communicate and share collaboratively with their teachers and one another. Google Apps for Education provides students with access to Google Meet, which provides secure and encrypted video conferencing capabilities, along with a student calendar, word processing and spreadsheet apps, web design tools, and email. Information about other web-based services used by the school may be requested from the School’s principal.

As a part of students’ use of web-based services for learning, certain educational records may be created, collected, or stored by web-based services, such as Google Apps for Education. Information about Google Apps for Education’s privacy practices is available here, Directory information, such as a child’s name, email address, grade/age, and enrollment status, may also be shared with web-based services. Students should not have any expectation of privacy with respect to any communications or activities through such services.

If you have any concerns regarding your student’s use of web-based services, please contact the Principal. Otherwise, you will be deemed to have consented to your student’s access and use of web-based services and to allowing your student’s education records to be created, collected, or stored by such web-based services, including Google Apps for Education, as described above.

Thank you again for your continued trust and support. It means the world in this difficult time we all are facing.

Yours in service,
Donna Hargens


Department of Catholic Schools

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Acceptable Use Acceptable Use Policy For The Internet And Technology Tools