Student Performance

Standardized test scores are not the only measure of a school’s quality. These tests are designed to assess an individual student’s performance compared to all students nationally. They do not compare a school’s quality to other schools. Many other factors should affect your decision about which school your child should attend, including: educational philosophy, curriculum quality, teacher credentials, class size, location, cost, availability of resources, discipline policy, opportunities for parental involvement and communications.

Archbishop Borders School employs a number of different tests in order to inform instruction, gauge student mastery of material, and plan our school-wide continuous improvement strategies. Questions about these tests may be directed to the Principal or Dual Language Program Director.

An overview of our testing program is below:

AssessmentGrade LevelsTimeframe
Easy Curriculum-Based Management (EasyCBM)
- Reading and Math Proficiency Test
K - 8th GradesSeptember, January, May
IOWA/CogAT (AOB-mandated)2nd - 8th GradesApril
Logramos (Spanish Proficiency Test)K - 6th GradesMarch
Woodcock-Muñoz (Spanish Proficiency Test)Children entering in 2nd grade or above,
Spanish assessment
Brigance Preschool II AssessmentChildren entering PK3, PK4Rolling
Assessment of Catholic Religious Education (ACRE)5th Grade - February
8th Grade - October
February and October